About This School

Animal Concert Music School is a private piano school located in Miyamae, Kawasaki City.
We offer one-on-one face-to-face lessons that are personalized to each student.

Lesson Room Facilities

The studio is fully soundproofed and includes a grand piano (Yamaha C3). We offer 42 regular face-to-face lessons per year, as well as one lessons available at selected dates and times, for students from 3 years old to adults.


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Our piano school is a 2-minute walk from Miyazaki-dai Station on the Tokyu Denentoshi Line. Mainly people who live in Miyamae and Takatsu attend the school.

We are open until 8:00 p.m., so students can come to our school on their way home from work.


Our piano school is located in a building with a musical motif.
Address: 2-9-3, Miyazaki, Miyamae-ku, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa


There is a bicycle parking space next to the building and a car parking lot nearby (for a fee). We will contact you with a detailed address after you book your trial lesson. 

Lesson Features

Because we offer private lessons, we value "motivation" and try to provide a fun piano lesson.

Active Pianist Teaching

Our piano teacher is still performing regularly and sometimes performs during lessons. The teacher updates her "knowledge" as she practices and uses it in her lessons.

You can find out more about her work as a pianist here.

Lessons Learned in the United States

In our piano school, the teacher herself experienced in the United States, "many praise lessons," and the first priority is to "love music" and to "love, enjoy and want to make people happy.
We especially try to provide "gentle rather than strict teaching" to our young students.

A Variety of Teaching Materials

At our piano school, we focus on choosing the right materials to make the lessons fun. Among the many piano schools, we have a wide range of teaching materials, so students can pick up a variety of texts and try them out on the spot.
The materials used will be purchased only after finding the right one for you.

Game-like Learning

Young children inevitably get bored with lessons. At our piano school, we also play games such as a game of note matching and learning by using music cards.
By having fun with music, we help people naturally "fall in love with music.

Making Music Scores of Your Choice

In our piano school, we provide a service of " Creating teaching material score of requested music" according to students' level. We have a good reputation for being able to take fun lessons with the songs students want to play. (For students who love trains, the departure melody, etc.)
Estimate is 100 yen or more, depending on the difficulty of the score.

Ensemble Experience Available

For students who are interested in performing an ensemble experience, we will be happy to provide it. We offer a wide range of ensembles, starting 4 hands piano performance with the teacher, then with parents and other students.

Lessons in English

With 10 years of piano experience studying abroad in the United States, the teacher is able to offer lessons in English as well.
Our piano school is not an English school, so it is basically open to students who can speak English. The teacher currently teaches lessons in English at the Yamano Music School in Azabu.

Online Lessons

We also provide "Online Lesson" service, "Video Call Lesson" and "Performance Video Feedback" to support the lessons. We will continue to proactively add new systems to meet the needs of the times.
You can read more about our "Online Lessons" here.

Event Information

We plan to hold our events two to three times a year.
There will be a fee to attend, but attendance is optional.

Students Recital

It's a big annual event. It will be held at a nearby place with a grand piano.
There are three forms of participation: solo, ensemble, and solo & ensemble double. Participation fee is expected to be less than 10,000 yen. (Photos and a memorial gift are included.)

Participants will be dressed in their formal clothing.

Mini Concert

The concerts are held once or twice a year (e.g. summer concerts in the summer and Christmas concerts in the winter).
It's a casual performance event with the goal of "finishing a piece and playing it for people.
We select pieces from the ones we usually play in lessons and play them in front of other students. Participants will be dressed in their casual clothing.

Piano Competition

We support our students in participating in high level piano competitions.
The competition is basically aimed at students who are interested in participating in it, but the teacher may ask the student to join the competition depending on their situation.

Yamaha Performance Grade

As a means of checking a student's ability through an evaluation by someone other than the teacher, we sometimes recommend that students take the "Yamaha Performance Grade (Level 10-6)" exam, in which they perform in front of an examiner.
For students taking the exam, we can help you with the tips for it.
This grade test is only for those who can speak Japanese.