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Online Video Lesson

In the wake of the spread of the new coronavirus infection,

we have launched an "online lesson".

online lesson

We offer "video lessons" with real time calls and "performance video feedback"

where you can send us videos of your practice at home.

 Video Calling Lessons

This is 10-15 minutes video call every week.
We will be happy to provide you with advice and performance video feedback.
For students in the introductory course, we provide short, intensive repetitions of the study, such as note matching, rhythm practice, note reading, and finger number exercises.

This course is open to children who have attended piano lessons before, as well as from elementary school students to adults.


 Performance Video Feedback


Students will be asked to record their own piano performance and send the video to the teacher.

The teacher will check the recorded sound and appearance of the performance and give the student feedback during the video call lesson.

Students are asked to use the recording function of a smart phone or other device to record from a side angle to show their hands, body and face a little away from the piano.

This course can be taken if you have a piano, electronic piano or keyboard at home.

Performance Video Feedback (sample)

After reviewing the performance video from the student, a feedback video will be sent to the student.
Below is the actual feedback submitted to a young student.

For a beginner student

The videos are short so that students can concentrate on their work.

For a student who can read notes

After reviewing the performance video, you will receive advice on how to solve your individual problems.

Introduction to the next piece

Students may also be introduced to an next assigned piece.


Q: Is it possible to take online lessons if I don't have a keyboard instrument at home?

If you don't have an instrument to play, you can't do "video feedback",

but even if you don't have a keyboard at home, you can do "video lessons" depending on the content.

The content will vary depending on the age and experience of the students,

so please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Q: Is it possible to become an online-only member?

Even if you don't attend our music school, you can take online lessons

if you have piano experience or are at least elementary school age.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Q: What software do I use for video calls?

After testing the sound quality,

we suggest the smartphone app/PC software "Skype" or the default iPhone app "FaceTime".

After you apply, we will discuss it with you via email and decide which app you want to use.
After applying, we will discuss and decide which app to use by email.

Q: How do I send a video of my performance to the teacher?

You can send it directly to the teacher via Skype or LINE,

or upload it to Youtube.
There is no particular designation,

so we would be happy to make a decision while consulting with you via email.

Q: Can I play and get advice during a video lesson?

After verification, it may be difficult due to communication quality issues.
Since video calls cause video delays and sound quality degradation,

we used the "performance video feedback" format,

which uses recorded data to ensure good video and sound quality.

Q: Do you have any other precautions?

Please pay attention to the data transmission capacity for video calls and video transmissions.

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