One Lesson Course

This course is for those who want to play a piece in a short period of time,

or for those who want to take lessons once or twice a month.

Tuition fee per lesson 

30-minute lesson: 3,000 yen / time

45-minute lesson: 4,000 yen / time

60-minute lesson: 5,000 yen / time

Facility fees are included.

+Admission fee 3,000 yen (first month only)

Piano Lessons in English
+with English fee 300 yen / time

Each lesson will be held on a specific day and time.

Please arrive 3 minutes before the start of the lesson.


Example of Lesson Use

This is the same content as the "Step Up Course".
It is used by working people whose hours are irregular.

Short-term Intensive use

Short-term Intensive use

We offer professional and intensive support with lessons at short intervals, such as before recitals, competitions, performances and exams.



For those who have never played the piano before. You will be able to read music and play with both hands.
Level: introduction to end of Bayer



Students will learn many playing techniques and will be able to control the differences in fine expression.
Level: Sonatina

Support for Pre-Nursery Teachers

Support for Pre-Nursery Teachers

This course focuses on singing and playing songs for school assignments, kindergarten practicals, and interview performances.

Entertainment Support

Entertainment Support

We will consider the piece you want to play, set a lesson schedule, and create a score for your level of performance (the arrangement will cost extra).

 Late Beginner

Late Beginner

No more basic textbook will be used. You can learn basic playing techniques.
Level: Burgmuller pieces


Through the lessons, students will become aware of new perspectives and expand their knowledge and repertoire.
Level: Sonata and above

Kindergarten Teacher

Nursery / Kindergarten Teacher

Talk to us about your problems. You will also learn how to arrange accompaniments and play melody-only scores with both hands.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any requests,

such as wanting to focus on absolute pitch or wanting to do an ensemble.