Kids' Introduction Course

This course is open to students from age 3 to 2nd grade.
Basically, the lessons are accompanied by parents and children, and the content is "for children" with a lot of experience.

Regular lessons 42 times a year.

30-minute lesson: 8,500 yen / month

45-minute lesson: 9,500 yen / month

60-minute lesson: 12,000 yen / month

+Facility fee 500 yen / month

+Admission fee 3,000 yen (first month only)

Piano Lessons in English
+with English fee 1,000 yen/month

Each lesson will be held on a specific day and time.
Please arrive 3 minutes before the start of the lesson.

Lesson Contents

This is an example of a lesson for a student who is new to the piano.
Parents will be invited to participate.


In order to get a student's attention, a bow greeting is given with the piano sound. It is also to learn how to be polite when communicating with other adults in the future.

Thinking the Image of Sound

What kind of image do high and low sounds have? Does the length of the sound change the image? We think about it in terms of animals.

Knowledge of Music

Students will have fun expanding their knowledge of music by listening to the teacher's performance, writing notes, watching inside of the piano, and using the textbook CDs.

Imitating and Singing

In order to increase ear awareness, the students imitate and sing along to the pitches of the piano.  Parents are invited to join in and have fun with their children.

Playing the Piano

We start with content that doesn't require any knowledge of music, and depending on the age of the child, we can start reading the staff notation after about six months.

Family Reminder

We will give parents tips on how to keep the lesson content in place and assignments to work on at home with their children.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any requests,

such as wanting to focus on absolute pitch or wanting to do an ensemble.

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